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Gerard  Friel  with Brown trout caught in Creeslough - Angling Safaris from Muckish Mountain Fishery, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Brown Trout caught in Creeslough

This is a 3 kg Sea Bass taken from a surf beach on a Shimano Exage 2500 reel loaded with 9 kg PowerPro superbraid, on a Shimano spinning rod. It was released after photographing, which is our guides' preferred course of action.
This is a 3 kg Sea Bass taken from a surf beach on a Shimano Exage 2500 reel loaded with 9 kg PowerPro superbraid, on a Shimano spinning rod. It was released after photographing, which is our guides' preferred course of action.

Donegal Bass Fishing

Dedicated Bass anglers will know that the Bass fishing in Ireland is fantastic from Wexford around to Kerry. What's not so well known is that these beautiful fish have been slowly extending their range north into Donegal. Our guides know this, and fish for them when conditions and tides are suitable. These fish are still very localised on the Donegal shores, and very specialised knowledge and experience is required to find them with any degree of certainity. If you wish to try for these silver ghosts, our guides can advise and help you.

Not As Difficult As You Might Think

In most countries of Europe, if an angler catches a wild salmon it is front page news.

Not in Ireland, where thousands of salmon are caught each year.

If you are interested in fishing, Ireland is a perfect choice.

It is neither too far, nor too expensive yet.

How To Get Here

County Donegal is as far North as you can get, in the Republic. Coming here is fairly simple, we discovered over thirty years ago. We tried most ways other than swimming and will recommend what we found smooth & easy.

The Hard Way

Taking your own car into Ireland is possible if you enjoy many hours behind the wheel.

This could make sense if you intent to stay here for a long time and don’t want to drive an Irish car with the wheel on the right - or wrong - side.

Easy Ways

When arriving at Dublin Airport you can either fly to Donegal Airport in Carrickfinn ( or to Derry Airport, in Northern Ireland, just across the border (

All airports we mention have car rental.

Dublin to Letterkenny by car will take 3 to 4 hours depending on time of day.

When you fly to Belfast--International Airport or George Best City Airport-- the car ride to Donegal --road narrow here and there-- may be done in 2,5 hours.

Worth Trying

An attractive option--not too busy-- is flying to Derry from London Stansted, the Ryan Air hub.

When you arrive late in the evening in Stansted, you may choose to have a traditional nap at the airport- and a very early flight to Derry the following morning.

On Stansted you might feel you are really On The Road.

Hundreds of people from all over the world roll out their mattress, while waiting for an early morning flight they cannot afford to miss, when the crowd gets going to the security gates.

If you prefer one of the many B&Bs and hotels around the Airport, booking in advance is crucial.

The fabulous taxi service at Stansted drops you off within 15 minutes and will collect you early in the morning.

Generally Not Without A Guide

Fishing & catching fish are two different things.

Just as you don't climb a Himalayan mountain without a mountain guide you don't fish without an angling guide.

He is a master angler. He will take you to the river, lake or part of the Atlantic Ocean where you have the best possible chance to land a fish.

His choice depends on weather of the day, tide, and expected numbers of fish at a certain part of day or night.

What Type Of Fishing

River, lake, shore, deep sea, you name it.

What Kind Of Fish

Salmon, Sea trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Thornback Ray, Pollock, Coal fish, Sea Bass.

There is such an abundance of options that you can come over for three days, five or ten, while doing something new every day.

Summer Promotion : Fishing Safari With Attractive Hotel Rates

We offer a package that will allow you to be on more than one fishery - Rivers, lakes, shore, and deep sea - with a trusted guide.

We have made arrangements with several hotels that we think will appeal to you.

You will stay there at a discount rate as long as you are the guest of Muckish Mountain Fishery.

Licence And Permits

If it looks complicated, the guide will explain it in minutes.


You may or may not need equipment. If you need equipment it is important to let us know in advance of your trip. Please Contact us.