Muckish Mountain Fishery, DonegalDonegal Salmon Fishing


Salmon Fishing, Donegal

Down river from the Iron Bridge looking downstream.  Muckish Mountain Fishery is the right hand bank, Donegal, Ireland.
Looking upstream near the Iron Bridge. Muckish Mountain Fishery is across river.
Up river from Iron bridge with view of mountains around Muckish Mountain, Donegal, Ireland.

Muckish Mountain Fishery  Donegal, Ireland.

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Fish Gear and State License
Beat System
Fishing Methods
Average Number of Salmon
Clean up
Water quality
Anglers Expertise

Fish gear and State license: Seamus Mc Gee, Esso Gas Station, Falcarragh
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Beat system: One and half miles divided in three beats. Two rods per beat. The river can be fished any time. The Ray is a so-called 'spate river', for best results it needs rain, allowing the fish to swim upstream. Soon after heavy rain the water level may rise half a metre. The brown colour of the water is caused by the several meters of peat (turf) covering the hills.
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Fishing methods: fly, spinner and worm. Curry's Red Shrimp is the favourite fly. Natural shrimp is not allowed.
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A figure is better than a thousand words: Based upon the figures published by the Central Fisheries Board the Ray is the seventh river out of 24 in the area of the Northern Regional Fisheries Board with a recorded catch on rod &line of 163 salmon as the yearly average for 2001 and 2002. The corresponding figure for the Tullaghobeghly (locally known as 'the Bowen') is 74.
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Estimate of average number of salmon entering the Ray every year: 1750. This figure is generally 10 times the recorded catch. Peter O'Reilly the author of Rivers of Ireland 5th Edition(page 49& &71)who describes this 'beautiful little river' as 'remarkably prolific with a high percentage of 10lb -12 lb fish ', finds this estimate on the low side.
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Safety: Especially the middle section of the river runs through rather rough terrain covered with a combination of heather and rough grass . Watch your step for HIDDEN HOLES. Older anglers may prefer the section down stream that runs through flat grassland.
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Clean up
In 2003 during the long dry spell the river underwent a thorough clean up. Please keep it clean. Your mother does not work here.
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Water quality: Salmonide fish are extremely sensitive to pollution. Therefore the water quality is regularly tested by the Environmental Protection Agency and the figures are published or made available before that. If you come accross something that looks like pollution of the river please report. The aquatic and semi- aquatic species in the river need a long time to make their come back once they are gone.
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Netting & Poaching: The fishery is trying to make as many fish available for anglers as possible.If you see signs of netting & poaching please report.
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Anglers' Expertise: Many an angler has been fishing for decades and gathered a wealth of information about the sport. We would appreciate to hear her/his comments and try to learn from it.
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Rates: €25 per day, €15 per half day
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Salmon: 2 February to 30 September
Seatrout: 2 February to 12 October